Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ups and Downs and Changes all around . .

Doing laundry and watching an episode of Hoarders, it seemed like a good time to post the events of the last couple of weeks.
The yard sale was a huge success, we did ok in the $$$ dept, but did remarkably well in the get rid of stuff aspect. The left overs have either been given to Amanda for a family in need or taken to Goodwill. The Goodwill trip was much to WALT's dismay. The entire time the helpers were pulling the boxes out of the back of the Tahoe, WALT was crying and screaming "Don't take my collection." There's an eye opener for you. But we made it through and on the way home I calmly bargained with him that we needed the room to pack our stuff to go to the beach and if he still wanted his collection when we got back we would go and get it. We have been home for a week and no mention of the collection. Though we have also not been back to the Goodwill and probably won't for a bit (that kid has a memory like a bear trap).
Speaking of vacation, we have a lovely time. We spent the first night with Steph and Andy. They have a lovely house that seems to contain what they need and love and nothing more. Though I said nothing to them, I marveled at the floor space, wall space and just space that seemed to exist. There were book shelves that were partially empty. All of drawers seemed to close comfortably It was to be admired, and emulated.
There is the horrible realization that the vast majority of items that left were already technically outside our actual living space, either in my outbuilding or crammed into unused corners and areas (like the laundry room.) I still have too much stuff. Robert still has too much stuff. WALT has WAY TOO MUCH stuff.
But I have tangented. Back to vacation. We brought home two family members, Cameron for the remainder of the summer and the new pup--Slinky Dog. I know, I know, we need third dog like I needed a hole in the head, but I have a dog problem and 3 is my limit and I will post a pic and then they'll be no doubt why I couldn't resist!
It was good to get away for even the few days, and come back with fresh eyes, if not fresh legs. An extra boy and a new pup add to the day to day grind of pick up and clean up. And it is amazing how 1 extra person multiplies the dishes three fold but we seem to be holding steady -- other than my bedroom. It seems to have become the new dropping ground for unwanted objects.
Which leads to the next step in the program. . . .
Everything in my building is coming out. I inherited from Robert when he bought his new "bigger better" workshop and I have no idea what is in it. This is my week long project with the boys. Cameron can watch WALT while I sort/organize/toss/trash/etc. My hope is that by next weekend I have an area where I can sit and start back to cut and glue my beloved paper. I also hope to have an area for the next round of purging that will start at the beginning of August.

Well, that's the plan anyway. I will post the before pics in the next day or so and if the stars align there will be after pictures in a week!!

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