Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day ( a day early)

Sitting here watching Clean House Messiest House in the Country 2010. It does make me feel a bit better about my own "mayhem and foolishness"
I am also recovering from the second (and last) day of the yard sale.
First, in case you missed yesterday's post, an update. On Friday I started with my Tahoe completely full except the driver seat, and The back of Robert's truck full (including the tables.)
At the end of the day I could pack everything into my truck with the passenger seat open (minus the tables.)
So last night we found 9 more boxes of stuff in the building and 1 in the house to add to the madness this morning. And just like yesterday the sell it cheap theory worked like a charm. People were buying $6-$10 mostly a quarter at a time. So at the end of the day all that was left fit in the back of my Tahoe!!
The only bad news is that the dealer man didn't show and the local thrift store was closed today due to the holiday, so "the junk in the trunk" is stuck until Tuesday.
In other good news though, a friend knows of a family in need and I am taking her WALT's cribbing and the remainder of his baby clothes, and well as a box of baby toys and children's books.

I managed to sunburn my legs yesterday, a feat I did not believe possible, but I am SO happy.
I found a new theory of de-cluttering based around the concept of getting rid of one item a day. I had too much stuff for that theory to work in the upfront. Now with this massive load off my shoulders, I think that I can start boxing up again, because there is still too much stuff in my house, with that goal in mind. I had wanted to decrease my load by 25% and I think that I am getting to at least 15%. All of this stuff was off the top and easy enough to let go. Tougher decisions lie ahead, but at least my house doesn't feel claustrophobic and hopefully that warm and fuzzy feeling will carry me forward.
In the words of my "biggest fan" I didn't get to that horrible picture overnight, and my madness won't be gone overnight, but we're on the way!

Did I mention that there is actually visible floor boards in my art studio now!! After our road trip over next weekend that is my next BIG project!

Tomorrow is laundry day and a bit of catch up on housekeeping due to the last two days of being outdoors all day. Will try my best to take updated pictures.

Happy 4th everybody!!


  1. I've always heard if you can keep something up for 4 weeks, it becomes habit. And we know how hard habits are to break. It's awesome when the new habits are good ones.

    You've been going down your uncluttering path for six months now. You've had ups and downs, but remained steady. I'm so proud!

    And I am your biggest fan! :0)

  2. Hi! I just saw your post about having a blog over at unclutterer. I just wanted to encourage you. I can hear your enthusiasm and it's so motivating. Keep up the great work!