Saturday, September 11, 2010

The long awaited photographic proof of the puppy!!!

First 2 sets of shots at local vet: $80 each visit
Emergency overnight vet bill:  $362
Trip to get the free puppy: approximately $500
Orthopedic surgery with 4 pins at UT: $1918
Those ears, Those eyes:  Priceless

A week later . . .

 . . . and there is some progress.  The back porch is looking MUCH better and I am catching up on my week worth of laundry.  I know the theory is to do a load a night or so, but the Saturday marathon of laundry is deep in my blood.  Probably due to my childhood spent Thursday nights at the laundry mats  (the smell of fabric softer still reminds me of practice spelling tests)  And I really don't mind.  It is something to do while watching 10-12 hours of college football.  Go Hokies!!

This morning Robert and I tag teamed to worst of the living room.  WALT's art area had exploded ad there were letters and stickers and feathers EVERYWHERE.  Should have documented it with a photo, but Robert is not so keen on my pics of the messy house.  And his help was much more important.  We are presently between vacuum cleaners and I am ever so tempted to go swipe mom's new Dyson while is out of town.  The fear is that the massive amount of pet hair and glitter will kill the Dyson and then I will be is serious trouble.  But I'm still thinking about it.  What I need is some infomerical to come to the house and clean my rugs with their remarkable new cleaner.  Wonder how that happens??

I did scrub the dishwasher out last weekend.  Got on my hands and knees with a toothbrush and scrubbed everywhere I could reach.  Then I ran the cup of white vinegar for a cycle.  It has seemed to help with the amount of crud that existed in the murky bottom and the white residue on my black plastic cooking utensils.  Though if anyone is thinking what I would like for Christmas, it would be some non-black cooking utensils.

I am also contemplating the concept of the cluttered mind = cluttered house theory.  I had some self induced  mind clutter, that I hope to have time to explore soon, and I think that it contributed rather directly to the backslide.  I am hoping to start some type of journaling, which may be the form of some type of companion blog, that is about the rest of my life and will hopefully be a more creative outlet, which was in all honesty the original plan for this blog.

In ironic news, at my present employment I am in charge of basic cleaning/sanitation of my classroom.  There are no janitors at S.C. Head Start.  So every Monday-Thursday at approximately 1:30 pm I am on my hands and news scrubbing sown toilets with diluted bleach.  It has me thinking that if I can do it everyday at work, then I can do it everyday at home.  It's still just a thought, but at least it's percolating . . .

Will download new pics as soon as that pesky cord reappears. . .

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it really Labor Day already?

I know.  I fell out of the blogoverse.  It happens.  For those of you not in my Facebook world, we got a puppy (and they are a time sucker by default)  and 3 weeks later, about the we settled into a functional puppy schedule) the our darling Slinky dog fractured her right ulna in three places.  It took 4 vets, 2 trips to UT Knoxville Teaching Vet Hospital, and major orthopedic surgery requiring 4 pins, and a recovery including a crate and e-ring/Elizabeth collar, and the price is a secret I will take to the grave.
It also sucked up every minute of my time and energy
The good news is that Slinky is finally on the mend.  She has a hitch in her gait, but we'll take it.  And now it back to the house.
It has not fallen back to quite the disarray of those first horrible pics (except maybe WALTs room, even he has declared it a "pigsty") but it is not the functional, if lived in, home that Tammy found on her mid summer visit.  (which we hope becomes semi-annual at the least)

So here is the new plan.  Is this the fourth or the fifth?  I have lost track.  It is obvious that I am unable to declutter my house in 1 week.  However I do think that I can unclutter and clean my house in 7 weeks.  I am going to spend the next 7 weekends doing the projects of each day of the week.  This I should be able to handle, barring some new medical emergency, human or canine.

I have started this weekend, and will post pics in a day or so.  ( I still need to take the after photos)
So I am off to have a rare and treasured moment of a quiet house.