Monday, June 27, 2011

Barrelling ahead at the astonishing speed of negative 55 mph

We seem to be stuck in the construction reality of the more we do the more that needs to be done. Work begets work so to speak.

The floor itself is 100% finished in 3 of the 4 rooms, and my mother, who is always SO helpful and supportive and demure, has pointed out how much better the house smells...
cheap carpet + multiple puppies = acidic smells

Our bedroom, the first room is 90% finished... paint is done, quarter round is down, furniture is largely in the correct place.  The hope chest needs to come downstairs and then painted to match the furniture to serve as TV stand.  several pictures both large and small need to hung, a small hole needs to be mended in the closet (which will hopefully help cut down on the number or farmhouse mice we get in the winter) and then there is the mantle.  we have all the materials, just nervous about the tiling process. so it has been setting there for approximately a month.

The living room has the floor and some quarter round and some painting, it is currently housing the majority of the tools and misplaced stuff, and some yard sale stuff and a tee pee.  Don't believe me?

The steps are currently under construction.  Like the mantle, it's a bit of uncharted territory.  As I type this 8 are installed with 5 left to nail down.  Then there will be holes to patch and that should be interesting, updates on that dilemma for certain.  Here's the progress so far:

The most exciting news of the last week or so is that Slinky has come to peace with the wood steps and is now moving freely through the house again.  No more hours of whining waiting for rescue!!!

The black hole/junk room has also been floored, just this weekend, with paint and a major change in purpose and furniture, pics coming in the next update!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First the walls

I had a plan.  A brilliant, researched plan.  The plan was to take EVERYTHING out of the bedroom, or the blank slate method.  I call it the "reality tv intervention" method.
This did not happen.  There was a fair amount thrown under a tarp on the porch, where some still lives (the truth is ugly sometimes).  The rest got moved around.  What wasn't stepped on or dripped in paint got to stay.  That was a mini purge of its own.

But plan be damned the walls got painted.
This color:

Which looks like this on the walls:

The mighty WALT was a mighty big help  (he paints in minimum clothing for ease of clean up)

There is always that moment where you have trouble determining what is wet and what is dry, what needs a second coat and what is safe to set furniture against.  This is that moment for the big man:

But by the next afternoon we called it good.  Trim work and touch ups can drag on forever.  All you can see are the tiny flaws. . . .
Still I think it turned out pretty great . . . . . The walls look pretty great anyway.

As for that pile, well that is the next step  . . .