Friday, July 2, 2010

HOT Damn!!

It's hard to believe that it's already July. Craziness, the summer is just flying by.

However, lots of good news to report. Last weekend Robert and I did a serious days work and got the entire first floor of the house (minus the laundry room) in really excellent condition. We even got a start on the horrible land of the lost room of things with out purpose and/or place. In one afternoon we shed 3 bags of garbage, a bag of recycling (paper), and a box and a half of yard sale items. There are miles to go, but you can now walk through the room comfortably, and not just squeezing past piles of undefined madness.

Speaking of yard sale items, the yard sale technically started today but thanks to Facebook my friend Amanda claimed the wagon and the "flintstone car" and I even sold her on the Weeble Woobles and several children books. Then our neighbors stopped by and I asked about the flintstone car, and ended up selling them the battery powered dune buggy. Which when the broken mower FINALLY gets to Robert's dad house ( he has time/patience/skill set to bring it back to life) means all the eye sores/homeless things in the yard are GONE!! Yea me!!

This morning went well too! I had the best deals in town. One woman actually told her husband "we might as well go home now. Her prices were so good that everybody else will just make you mad." I have tapped into the reality that the average yard sale person can't resist if the price is "a quarter." But I also sold my guitar, Robert's old golf clubs and the whole storage tub of Senior's Dean Martin/Charlie Pride albums.
The best part is that the man who bought the golf clubs is somewhat of a flea market professional and he said he would come back tomorrow and offer me a price for what is left. OH OH OH how I hope he does come back. I am tired of this junk.
Though there are miles to go, there is a light. And it is beautiful!!!

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