Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lateral Progress

There were lots of things I could have done today. The resume needs to be updated, and then of course there are the cover letters and applications. There is also the ever present reality of dishes and laundry. And I suppose it would be nice to see the entire rug in the living room again, but it was such a lovely day. So I de-cluttered outside instead.
I have quite the weakness for clearance perennials. It is just such a good deal. And there are a couple of truly sloped areas outside our properly fenced yard that are just back breaking for Robert to weed eat. So today I spent the vast majority of the day putting the vast majority of my clearance rack finds in a proper flower bed. All 15 plants are in the ground, fertilized and watered. There is truly the potential for a fabulous spread in a year or two of growth.
However this still leaves quite a list, which is as follows
Put weed barrier down.
Mulch over weed barrier
Mulch around butterfly bushes
Finish transplanting Yucca plants
Mulch around ALL Yucca plants
Fertilize the weeping willow and cherry trees.
Plant the clearance Hydrangea
Mulch around Peony Rose bush.
Plant tomato plants.
Pot the pink Gerber daisy WALT insisted on buying over the weekend.
Remember to water all the above plants for the remainder of the summer.

And on the never ending chore of keeping my son rational and the dogs out of harms way, and well no wonder my house is a mess. Actually keeping everyone outside seems to be helping keep what is clean -- clean. (Except the bathtub of course)

I know I promised pictures. I am now on the laptop full time and need to install the camera stuff, so soon --- like when it rains I don't spend the whole weekend watering!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


"They tried to make me go to rehab, I said NO NO NO!!!!"

Actually I would go, willingly, please someone send me to mess rehab!!!

As you can probably guess by the long absence, and the previous posting on facebook. I fell off the de cluttering bandwagon. I hit the big speed bump of being a single mom while Robert was in Florida, and by the time my ass stopped flipping over my head the wagon was out of sight.
Then came the federal review and after that the nice familiar feeling of helplessness.
Tammy came to the rescue, but again, and sent a very handy link of what to do when it all falls apart, and everybody knows how often things fall apart around here, and one of the steps was to just let it be for a minute. So I did.
But now I'm refocused, at least for the second, and starting to make in roads. The kitchen is back in sound working order, and it took a fraction of the first go round. So that is a small victory. The bathroom was attacked by a mixture of sand, dirt, leaves and quince fruits that WALT lovingly calls "slop" but that is a work in progress now as well. It is not such a novel notion this round. Its honestly more about time management and my total lack of skills in that department.
In truly unhappy news, my position is not being refunded next year and so I am mere weeks from unemployment, but I suppose that will temporarily give me more time to clean. So we'll keep looking on the bright side. . . . . does anyone else hear a Monty Python song in the background????
In small victory news, I did have the first yard sale and it was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I went into the sale with the single vision of "lightening the load" with whatever cash I had in hand at the end as a bonus. So I under priced everything. I'm sure there are some savvy yard sale shoppers still talking about the good deals they got. In fact two complete strangers insisted on paying me more than I asked for their items. The point was that it was going away and not going to be carried back into the storage building. The quarters and dollars added up however to a whopping $256. WOW, all for stuff i didn't need or even want.
I also took 2 boxes of clothing, 1 box of plastic hangers, and a large gift bag of worn but serviceable children's books to the local thrift store just yesterday.

Life is far from perfect and there are miles, as in 26 of the 26.3 miles of a marathon left to go, but I am running again, and for today, anyway, that's enough for me!!!