Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back!! and I bear good news!!

It has been a busy fall.  I feel blessed for that.  WALT and I have fallen into a routine of school and after school activities.  I get to walk him in, pick him up and see him at lunch every day.  We are spoiled.  He is loving kindergarten and has matured 5 years in the past 5 months.  For this I feel truly TRULY blessed.

We haven't been to busy to clean just too busy to post about it.

I admit that the first month I was back at work, and now full time, the house went KA-BOOM again.  But the 27th talk must be the charm because this time when I went teary eyed to my husband and said I couldn't do it all by myself he did more than listen.  Maybe it was the dead mouse that drowned in the sink that he had to deal with, I dunno, but he is definitely more pro-active.  And it shows.

We seem to have developed a system, not quite the system outlined by most of the professionals I have read over the past year, but a workable system for our family.  Saturday at our house means sports, football in the fall, basketball in the winter, baseball in the spring and summer.  We don't go anywhere on Saturday morning if we can help it, so Saturday is wake up, yawn, suck down a cup of coffee, and clean the house.  Laundry seems to stretch out through the weekend but the rest is done by noon.
Of course we have also gotten better at cleaning up messes as we go.  This goes hand in hand with the major de-cluttering that continues in the house.
WALT's room went through a second major purge in which four more boxes left.  I feel like the post Christmas rearrangement, to incorporate the new toys, will generate 2 out for every one in.  The kid still lives in the Target toy department, but he has my momma charmed, so I can only hope to contain that madness.

Slinky is doing well, still a bit of a limp but growing and happy.

All that remains looming over our heads is the spare bedroom/junk room.   So many crazy things that seem beyond organization.  I have all this computer software I don't know if I need to keep.  Piles of CDs that need to be added to iTunes, I suspose. (though taht honestly feels like 2 days of my life I would never get back) and then there are the pictures, the seven 10 gallon tubs of pictures that are in no rhyme or reason except that they belonged to my grandparents.
I do have a plan of action for those.  It starts with the simple division based on me.  There will be a large box dedicated to the pre-Sarah era.  Then there will be 5 medium sized boxes divided on the general time lines of before school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and post-college.  I think I can be these four in some type of working order.  Will have to call in mom and maybe Debbie to get the pre-me pics under control.

All in all I am rather proud of our progress.  For the first time since we moved in the house Thanksgiving  morning and the reality of company didn't mean staying up all night cleaning. We just moved our Saturday morning routine up and by noon we were sitting on the couch laughing and waiting for football.  And for that I was TRULY thankful.

This doesn't mean I'm finished, jsut established.  With the Christmas break just around the corner I hope for more progress in the junk room and closets and more blog posts as well.