Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly progress report . . . .

The beast (of a room) is being, well in all honesty, a beast. Two 20 gallon tubs of clutter out, as well as 2 trash bags of garbage and another of recycling, and it actually looks worse in here. It is most definitely more difficult to get around. Only the elusive cat is happy in this situation.
On the bright side I did find 2 photo albums I didn't remember having, and enough unopened wrapping paper that I will be good until Christmas 2020. I also posted more books online at bringing my virtual inventory to 56, add the 4 that I have sold, and that is 60 books off my collapsing shelves. The bad news is I opened the closet and then just shut it back. It is crammed to the top (must remember to take pictures). Some is mine but most is Robert's from either his glory days of basketball, or in the Marines.
Not being in college for a semester (yea) I had forgotten that it is spring break season. So that would pretty effectively mark when we got the 3 month notification. And though the rest of the house was in decidedly better order, this room was already jacked. I have this vivid memory of mom trying very hard to not cry and dictate these diagnosis "facts" and then just stopping to declare "we have to do something about this room."
A year later I am. A year later, with a lot more stuff. But even as I type this the WALT man is downstairs tinkling the ivories of the family piano, and the circle continues. If I am lucky then there will be spring that one of my grandchildren must purge to make room for that piano.

On a lighter note, Mr. Clean bathroom cleaner with Febreeze smells REALLY REALLY good, it is not however an ideal floor cleaner. I thought perhaps with several misadventures this week with the incontinent cat, that it would do the trick. The floor does indeed look and smell better, but it has the grasping abilities of a Venus fly trap. WALT lost a sock on the way to the toilet (the whole 3 steps). Guess I will be re-mopping today with some old fashion spic and span. Live and hopefully learn. It's all we have any right to ask for . . .

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