Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And suddenly it all becomes so crystal clear . .

It took a few days of real effort to dispose of the top layer of this heaping mess that would be an office/spare bedroom. It was mostly just toys and clothes and artwork and the left over parts of bills after they have been paid, and a receipt or two, some homework notes, and correspondence. For the most part easy enough to find a home or chunk in the garbage.
But with the crust pulled back, its now becoming obvious as to why the clutter is here in the first place. I have renamed this room "the land of tough decisions." And for those you that know me well, the tough calls are not my favorite to make. But all those years of riding the fence waiting for the obvious answer seems to have caused my knee deep clutter. There are boxes of military mementos, a trunk that is doubling as a class of 1995 time capsule, textbooks from Tech and ODU, a collection of quilts, a fair number of unfinished art projects along with all the materials to finish them, 4 generations of pictures, Robert's upper deck figurines, my Audrey barbies, and much much more. Decidingly less cut and dry than the number of wash clothes I need on my bathroom shelf.
I am trudging through, getting rid of anything that I forgot I had, and some other things that no longer apply. The Robert needs to decide pile is growing, almost as fast as the maybe pile. Though I do have a tiny success story to report:
As you should well know by now I work at Head Start. One of our missions/goals/objectives is to provide as many hands-on/real world opportunities as possible. So this week while in one of the teacher's room I became part of a class room discussion about the upcoming field trip to the vet, and x-rays. In my room of clutter I just happen to have a collection of dog x-rays. (they are all I have left of my beloved Blue, and therefore over a year later still emotionally charged) So next week the x-rays are going into the classroom, hopefully to be used for years to come. I don't think I would ever had been able to simply throw them away, so this is really an ideal situation.
There are still miles to go before anybody sleeps in here, at least anybody of the two legged variety, but I think we may be down to shin deep disaster, at least until we open the closet!!!

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