Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notes from the Frontlines . . .

Lest I forget . . the x-rays were delivered to the classroom and the kids were super thrilled and actually had some amazing observations/questions. And they all talk about Blue like she is still alive, and so in a way she is. I still miss her very much. Her death probably signaled the beginning of the funk and this resulting disaster of a house.

Despite my husband's best efforts to sabotage the endeavor, by opening the junk closet and emptying it all out to find a singular Def Leopard CD that could have been download via itunes SO much easier, there is some progress being made in land of tough decisions.

My dear friend Kate offered some good advice. Considering my hectic life and limited attention span a whole room is an awfully big bite to chew. Indeed this disaster had me spinning my wheels demolition derby style. So she suggested one specific spot at a time.
First up was the dreaded file cabinet. It went better/faster than expected. The pre-school work was also amazingly easy to toss, it just looked so infantile compared to what is hanging on the wall now that all the proud mommy factor had faded away. I kept the important stuff. According the comparative thickness of tax years 2005 was a big deal in this family. I also kept the health department record of the infamous cat bite from Ninny, lest we forget that madness. Nevertheless enough stuff was weeded out that I am not sure in fact why we have such a large filing cabinet. But it is large and very heavy, so Robert will have to be consulted on that change.

I have also come to the painful conclusion that there are some de-cluttering techniques that elude me. The OHIO rule for example (Only Handle It Once) I understand the concept, but I thin that assumes that once you decide to keep it there is some system in place to properly house it. I am only now creating said systems, so I have my grimy fingers all over stuff.

I have cleaned out 2 shelves from the bookcase to start to house the massive photo collection. One is full of completed photo albums, the other of boxes of photo madness. Baby steps, at least said boxes are no longer in the living room.

I told Robert that this room would be done by his return next Friday. I am already starting to panic about that deadline. His pile of junk to sort is growing though, this is not my mess alone. Let's not get me started about keeping every single set of Marine BDUs he owned. And who knew you could get so many trophies for playing basketball. Guess I really did suck. But hopefully I can get a little time this weekend to make a big push. When I take out the trash and recycling bags and the "outta here" boxes I think I will see a bigger difference.

Also in this collection of random musings it should be noted I sold 6 more books. I have also got the boxes to gather up photos/items that belong to David and Uncle Mack and they should be in the mail next week as well. This whole "spring forward" debacle is rocking my world and so I am to bed early tonight in prep for the always lovely Wednesday sensory OT. Bluck!

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