Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Changes in Habits/Schedules

It is remarkable how much of the book is not about cleaning at all. I would say at least 50% is dedicated to making conscious awake decisions to streamline daily functions. Being challenged in all facets of streamlining I was curious, unconvinced, but game for a try.

The first is to create a weekly schedule with rooms you concentrate on. I thought how can I predict where the cat is going to vomit or WALT is going to move Thomas world to? But it going better than expected. Waking up every morning and knowing what is going to happen, at least as to whether I am going to fold towels and scrub the toilet, or strip beds and refill book shelves has a calming affect. As the years pass some of that Appalachian/Mullins fatalism has faded and with it the legendary Sarah chaos theory of life. There are ebbs and flows and I am to find my own tiny place in that rhythm. That said my kitchen remains chaos. A half hour of work only uncovered one edge of the table and there is a mole running amuck every afternoon about 2 o'clock, which everyone, including the cat, just ignores. It screams as if in pain, and so I seem powerless to bring any greater consequences. Besides this is not the first mole, and probably not the last, alas the joys of a farmhouse. It is here I could admit my grandmother was right about the allure of a brick ranch, but not today, not yet. I like moles.
Monday is kitchen day and right now that is still a bit in the air, as the kitchen is still such a work in progress. But I try to make sure all dishes are clean and that the cabinets are in good working order. Tuesday is bathroom day. All is going well there, with the acknowledgement that the sink has to be wiped at least every other day because WALT is currently brushing his teeth 7 times a day (and I will not be discouraging that particular obsessive behavior.) Wednesday is living area day and Robert has been volunteered for that (since it is also OT day and that falls to me.) Thursday is the bedrooms. WALT's room is still in makeover mode but we are making progress and he is starting to get a feel for where things go and when.
Friday is other rooms day according to the book. This is where I differ. Friday's are always chaos in these parts. Exploding cars, wrecked cars, (all at mom's) visitors, trips to far and exotic places like Jonesboro(ha) and the general exhaustion of having survived another week. And so Friday is an evening of rest. I suppose it would be nice to have the weekend completely to do as I please, but it's such a novel idea that I can't even imagine. And the truth is-- I don't really have all that much to do on the weekends. Laundry on Sunday is just fine by me. Clean sheets on Sunday night make Monday morning a little less horrific.

In news of the inheritance that keeps on giving, aka my room full of pictures. I did get my military pictures sorted and put in an album last weekend. I have a sinking feeling that when Robert's are found there will be 2 more albums to fill, but those were a lifetime of memories and well worth the 9 inches of shelf space.

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