Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can't you just smell how clean it is????

I have been promising these pics for a bit now, but at long last here they are. Ahh, my nice clean bathroom. It's funny, after I pulled it all out, and then put really like 80% back, Robert kept saying how much bigger it looks. I am thinking the shiny reflective floor gets some of the credit, but then again the lack of piles on the floor alone probably helped.
There is now a place for everything and everything in its place. The imploding economy had put a bit of a freeze on my previous love of all thing soap related, and so for over a year I have stopped the compulsive buying of soap and shower gels, but there were still several bottles and bars that need to be finished. Actually since this picture I have finished off 1 bottle of shower gel and 2 bottles of lotion (and they were properly recycled.) This is also having the dual bonus of helping my Philosophy shower goodness and lotion Divine last the 3 months it is supposed to last. I do continue to have a Belk counter worth of perfume, but a girl has to have something, and I honestly rotate them all depending on the mood/occasion. Robert has 5 bottles of the same cologne but that is my fault probably too and maybe I can talk him into wearing it more often.
Up keep has gone well. I am getting better at immediately cleaning up the bath toys. Mom gave WALT a Valentine's basket that is plastic and full of heart shaped holes. It is perfect because water drains through and so it can stay in the tub all the time even during my showers.
I do have in excess of 20 things of floss that I will donate. This is from well meaning attempts my Allison every time I visit the dentist to encourage more flossing with free floss. I floss the week before a dentist appointment, so I can shake my head yes when the question comes "Do you floss?'' It's not my gig. My teeth are either so far apart that the action seems pointless or jammed so close together that the string frays and breaks. It's unrewarding, and since I haven't had any cavities in the past 20 years, I am declaring it unnecessary. I am tangenting . . . .
All that said everyone seems to be enjoying the new found organization in the bathroom and there seems to be even more activities that occur in its narrow quarters. WALT has even begun brushing his teeth on average of 7 times a day. This is multiplying the upkeep factor, in that he seems to go through a lot of toothpaste, most of which ends up on the sink, or on wash clothes. (but occasionally on the curtains.) But this is a good thing, and I am NOT complaining. In fact he declared a desire to the dentist just this afternoon. Ah the miracle of a clean bathroom!


  1. I'm still loving this! The before and after comparisons are so cool. Hopefully one day I'll get up to see your farmhouse in person.

    And I fuss at you - excuses about not flossing are unacceptable. Glide floss will get in anywhere!

  2. I am SO excited to finally have a comment. It makes me want to clean!!!!