Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be careful what you wish for.

I have mentioned several times that I have struggled to get Robert on board with my grand plans at a simpler life. I can't completely blame him. He has been a good sport and ridden along with me on a number of schemes and designs. But I think that he is impressed with my determination, if not with my speed, of truly cleaning out the house.
He has now taken over the living room as his area to keep straight. The living room hasn't actually been de-cluttered yet, but he is doing a FABULOUS job keeping the floor and couch usable, which is no small task since that is WALT's favorite creation station. He has also agreed to cook on Wednesday nights, which is a huge deal because that is OT afternoon and WALT and I don't get home until around 6. I can't even express the happiness of walking in out of the snow and cold and having dinner sitting on the stove ready. the deal is that I have to tell him what to cook and the stuff needs to be there to cook. I think that a year ago I would have been frustrated that I was unable/unwilling to do the prep, but with the book I am making a weekly menu before going to the grocery store, so I just keep in mind that Wednesday needs to be simple, boiling water, preheating the stove, not too many ingredients. I am excited, I truly hope he stays excited.
He has also been a trooper to paint the new furniture in WALT's room. The shelving just keeps coming, and he just keeps painting. He even went up at half time during the Kentucky game to put on a last coat for the new book shelf.

And yesterday morning he decided that my vehicle was in need of de-cluttering. I knew this, in fact I thought about my car every time the book mentions an office, because that is my de-facto office. Of course, like the bathroom, it is A LOT of things. And it seems like it doesn't matter whether I am entering or exiting the driver's seat, I am behind schedule and there isn't time to do anything but shut the door and drive.
I had fully intended to take before and after pictures, but Robert just wanted the truck clean before Thursday and our trip and so there are no before pictures. It was bad enough that he looked me dead in the eye and said "Sarah, this is unacceptable." Which actually he never scolds or fusses at me, the animals constantly and inanimate objects on a regular basis but not really me, and that hurt. Not in a mean punch to the gut way, but in that you disappointed someone that believes in you kind of way. It was bound to happen.
It did take four laundry hampers to get everything out that didn't belong. 3 full of stuff, from Halloween decorations and costumes, to groceries, to 4 unopened rolls of wrapping paper. And another of recycling, which was mostly magazines and newspapers.
The good news is that is done. We leave for Lexington and our annual trip to Rupp Arena (our family's Mecca) on Thursday. As we were walking in the house Robert looked at me and said, Sarah . . . .I don't expect perfection, but . . " I cut him off I couldn't bear it. "I know I told him. It's going be better this time. I am going to keep it together."
And hopefully, this time I will.


  1. He was making sure this all just wasn't a phase. So prove to him it's not, you're in it for the long haul!

    It's funny you mentioned a focus on the auto, as I have been lately, too, but in a different way. A flat tire and no air compressor (it was at home - doing me no darn good!) reminded me I needed to get on top of my auto preparedness.

    If you don't already have battery jumper cables, a good jack, and an air compressor in your cars, do it now!

  2. Need an air compressor, got the rest (and now they are even in the right place!!!)

    Yes, he has lived through many a Sarah phase, but I think he's coming to realize this is like the Vegetarian thing, it's not going anywhere.