Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Proof of Life

See, I am trying. Cans with cans, cabinets scrubbed, just like I said. Baby steps for certain, and yet they are steps. Like I told my mother tonight. You gotta stay positive with me, it's touch and go right now.

In a quandry about how to organize spices. Also how many sets of measuring cups I need. In fact how many cook utensils period. I have four whisks. That seems to be too many. Do I keep the fat heavy one or the one that matches the other untensils. I am guessing that any spoon that bears the ident of dog teeth should go, but what if that breaks up a set??? And do I keept the snazzy stainless contaion on the stove or go back to keep them in drawers.

oh, this is hard.

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