Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Personal Manifesto

At long last I have decided to take the task of cleaning up, and as a direct consequence cleaning out, my life. This results from mounting pressures from multiple sources, namely how insanely clean my mother’s house always is (and she never fails to say excuse the mess???) but I am taking the credit and declaring that I had an epiphany. On one of those clean up shows that I like to watch (because my house doesn’t look so bad in comparison) it was suggested that a cluttered house was the result of a cluttered mind. Last year was rough, and left a LOT of clutter in its wake. But it’s a New Year people. Hopefully an organized house will lead to an organized mind.
In that spirit I have decide to change up my blog a bit. It was named General Randomness because I fully intended to post whenever inspiration hit and just write about whatever had inspired me. Whether it be my darling son or unrequited high school love. But having had my epiphany I think that this blog shall instead stand as a marking stick and testament to the progress (or lack thereof) that I am in reorganizing my house/life. The title of the blog will of course still read “general randomness” because I lack the technical knowledge to change it. However henceforth I shall be referring to it as “The Confessions of a Dirty Housewife.” (A working title, please check back for updates, and know that I am open to suggestions.)
Tammy Armes, long time friend and steadfast supporter in all my previous failed efforts at life in general, has been kind enough to offer her support, advice, and some helpful internet sites. All of which are appreciated and being utilized. So in a way, this blog is just for her, or at least written to her for all the rest of the world to just laugh at.
With all that said, a note on my progress:
One of the websites suggested a dedicated ½ hour an evening for cleaning. I do more than that already to no avail, so I have kicked it up a bit and am dedicating a minimum of an hour a day. The website also said 10 minutes for general stuff and 20 minutes for particulars, but I am splitting it 30/30. So far this has been rather easy since there hasn’t been school/work and WALT and I are mostly at home. Hopefully the habit will stick once life gets a bit more back to normal.
I have started in the kitchen, which seems to be the main trouble area. The pantry is cleaned out. All the out of date food is gone (though note to those who may be inspired to try this at home: If you feed your expired cereal to your dogs be prepared for righteously awful flatulence.) Basic organization has been achieved, cans are with cans, pasta with pasta, and so on and so forth.
There are already things I have come to realize I have too many of
1.) Candy
2.) Cellophane treat bags

These are an easy fix, WALT will have a Valentine party next month and I will simply ignore my reputation as the mother who does not send candy, and instead send TONS of candy.

There are other things that I have too many of that the solutions are less clear:
1.) Dogs (which one stays, who goes? It really depends on the hour)
2.) Cats ( would gladly traded them both for a cat that actually ate mice)
3.) Winter Coats (what is the correct number and how many weights of coats do you have out at once??)
4.) Pie pans (this will not be solved for the two fold reason that I am the baker in my family and they are all utilized at major holidays, and that I inherited or received all the pans from my grandmother)
5.) Cookbooks and Cooking Magazines (do I just rip out the pages from the magazines of the recipes I might cook, or what???)

I have thus far taken Tammy advice and restrained for the rash purchase of storage tubs. I am making a list of those items I do need (shelf within my pantry so Cookbooks can go above the baking supplies) and will try to make a series of thoughtful purchases.

So the bottoms of the cabinets are done! The tops loom large. I have only just scratched the surface but it appears to mostly be stuff my husband doesn’t want me to mess with and things we didn’t want WALT to put in his mouth.

I welcome any and all support/suggestions/critique . . . . So until next time, Happy cleaning!!

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