Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photographic evidence

Sometimes there just aren't words. So I have decided to post some pictures to prompt the whole before and after process. Perhaps unveiling my madness to the world will help speed up this whole endeavor, though it just seems to be a steeper and steeper climb. (Not sure if I will ever be one to vacuum under beds or sweep inside closets)

Most of these are before pictures, though they may more closely resemble after the apocalypse to clean freaks. In my defense, and I don't have a leg to stand on really, the counter top is a bit messier than usual. I took this after I started cleaning out the top.

I would like to note that when I scrubbed down the first of the white cabinets I secretly hoped it would not be noticeable (meaning that I hadn't been deficient and that further scrubbing would be unnecessary) I was wrong. I think even the dog noticed. And so the journey continues . . .

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