Sunday, March 20, 2011


I had one of those hold back sobs because you are in public weeks a few weeks ago.  It was the overwhelming fear (or "mean reds" in Breakfast at Tiffany's speak) that everything I do is half ass. The house is never completely clean, I'm never completely put together when I leave the house, my paperwork is always less complete/timely/thorough/perfect as I hoped, and of course this blog is often neglected.

I am bad to put myself, and therefore the things I value, at the bottom of the list.  I have a suspicion that if the house really bothered Robert it would be clean, and not because he cleaned it.  I am trying to strike a better balance, but I dont think it will be the last mini meltdown.

I have a running partner and as a result I am 1 run from being finished with the second week of 9 in the couch potato to 5k.  It is going well. Robert is surprisingly supportive WALT likes going to the park.  It seems to be a winner for everybody!!

It was a quiet weekend here. Did some deeper cleaning in the bedroom.  Amazing what takes up residence under the bed.  Easter weekend has been blocked off as painting weekend.  It is still the blue/red paint of WALT.  It is going to change to Grass Green with white woodwork. Bright, man friendly, and most importantly not red!!  (the red did not follow WALT upstairs either. Red is dead on Pioneer Hill Lane)
The plan is to completely  empty the room and only bring back in what we use and love.  Everything else will go either to the dump or the growing mound of yard sale in the out building.  It will be our own mini-makeover show.  Pictures of before and after, and any particularly dramatic moments will be posted.  I am excited minus my closet dread.

The coming weekend is Spring Cleaning of the Yard.  Will post pics as progress unfolds (which is weather permitting of course!)

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