Monday, March 21, 2011

Reality Check

My child no longer needs me to actually be physically present when he goes to sleep.  He is six, I am aware that this is YEARS past the national average, by probably 5 years or more, but it is still a bit unsettling.  The slowly steady-ing (is that a word) of his breathing steadied my breathing and slowed down my random brain.  I am finding it hard to go to sleep.  I should be reading but those damn crazy housewifes won't let me rest.  On the up side, here I am on my blog.  Wide awake and full of words.

Speaking of this humble little blog.  It is truly humble.  I was messing around on the dashboard and saw that I had 66 total views. Julie and Julia I am obviously not.  Alas, sigh, and oh well.  Do I really want the whole world to see that picture of my kitchen?  Probably not.  The glass is half full . .

Now for the all too often plea for help . .  My husband has BOXES, large overflowing BOXES, of trophies.  I have mentioned scaling down (or completely eliminating) these boxes, since they simply sit in the up stair closet of limbo.  All such attempts have created 1 of 2 reactions ---the glaring stare of suspected jealousy that I don't have any such trophies and therefore want rid of his, or the why did you kick my puppy pout.
I have suggested that the Special Olympics always need trophies, but to no avail.  Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 
--Thanks in advance Tammy!!!


  1. Look at these two links first:!5648689/how-to-take-better-photos-for-your-online-sales-and-auctions-with-poster-board or!5623541/build-a-cheap-diy-tabletop-studio-to-capture-great-small-object-photos. Set up a "photo studio" and take some good archival quality photos of them all.

    Next, have him film a video where he is talking about each award - a walk down memory lane. This will be nice for WALT in a few years when he'll understand more about what these accomplishments mean.

    With this, I would be surprised if he doesn't realize he can now let go because his memories are immortalized (as long as you have a home data back-up, which you do, right? :0P)

    Good luck!

  2. home data back-up?? this is a foreign concept to my right brained self. Please advise further . . . .

  3. Get a little external hard drive (one with built in software would be easiest, but you can get other free software, too) to automatically save all your important computer files onto another drive. Hard drive failure sucks!

    The last time I was at Target, they had some 320GB ones in the little end cap clearance section at some ridiculously low price.