Monday, March 14, 2011

Mental Health Day

Today is my once a year treat of not going to work.WALT had a doctor's appt at 8 a.m. and then we just came home. I could justify it a hundred different ways but I'm not gonna, cause that's just mind clutter!!

The house is holding steady.  Some weeks a bit of progress emerges, in the black hole and other small trouble spots, and some weeks we just worry about the big stuff --dishes, laundry, dog hair.  We have joined a gym, the YMCA in fact, and try our best to make it twice a week.  We swim and swap out WALT to work out.  I have decided to try a mini triatholon in the fall.
I think this could sound like I have abandoned the house projects but I think it is really just the opposite.  I think the house is now to a stand alone point, minus the blackhole, that doesn't require near the level of effort.  So now I actually have some opportunity to enjoy myself and my life.

I have spent most of the day in another deep clean/purge of the wild man's room.  Seems like we need one every couple of months or so.  I don't know why but I truly love to be in his room.  Cleaning up the little scenes that he has created in a wonderful insight to that clever little mind of his.

Spring fast approaches.  Next weekend begins yard work FOR REAL (we piddled some this past weekend) and so the projects and photos will pick back up.


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