Thursday, June 17, 2010

A VERY productive day

Today didn't start out so great. Starring blankly at West Wing reruns on Bravo at 10 am on my second cup of coffee. I really thought I'd be doing good to get out of my pajamas.
But I think staying in a bit longer in the am helped me keep from overheating before I could even get started. (It has been so incredibly humid that it's hard to breathe much less muck around)
Robert got home and between 5 and 8 we knocked it out! He got all the mowing done and all the weed eating inside the fence. We drug out all the junk off the back porch, and with the water hose and WALT's help it looks and SMELLS like a whole new room!!!

While scrubbing I had a few minutes to think. I know most all of the pictures I have posted are bad. And they are accurate, for that moment. Given a 24 hour notice Robert and I have always been able to make it presentable. The perfect example is the photo on the front of my blog. A week before that picture was taken we had the whole family over to eat Christmas dinner.
So I have the ability to clean. I scrub the back porch out every summer. What I am searching for is organization. Not just to achieve it, but to maintain it.
A critical part is to no longer function at 25% past maximum capacity. Unfortunately the building is already full again and I feel like I need to have another "lighten the load" sale in order to move more out of the house. I am also making the effort to limit what is coming in the house.

But in a way I am really proud of myself. Like I said above, given 24 hours notice all this nonsense could temporarily disappear. I didn't have to show this to the world. It's a new level of honesty, of not putting on that happy face and pretending like everything is under control. This blog and its unflattering pictures are me at my most vulnerable in years and years.
Perhaps when the house is finished it will inspire me to take my guard down in other areas as well . .


  1. I know, I khow. But that's not really my personality!!