Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just like starting over . . .

The back porch, which is always ALWAYS a disaster.

The laundry room, which is a kind of controlled chaos.

Ninny, the reason for the backporch madness.

View of the side yard, and the main house entrance. Where projects linger in pergatory.

The original out building, and my future art studio. At the moment it is FULL of yard sale junk.

The entry way, or reception station, or perhaps the imploding recycling area.

The kitchen, it's looked worse, it WILL look better.

The kitchen sink, my mortal enemy.

That's all the Countertop space there is.

I clean off the table and we eat, and 45 minutes later, it's all back.

Even the dogs are messy.

The bathroom sink, where science experiments occur everyday.

The scientific materials.

Robert lived on the couch for the last two weeks with some type of plague and it shows.

Another "lovely" view of the living room.


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