Sunday, April 3, 2011

Updates on progress from the black hole!

The weather "washed out" our plans for the yard last weekend, so I talked the hubs into a blitz through the black hole! In about an hour and a half we emptied 4 boxes, took 3 boxes of yard sale items to the building, started a 4th yard sale box, and took down to big bags of trash.  There was even a wide enough path to bring out the Dyson for a vacuum!
Here are the pics . .  refer back to the Feb. post to compare before and mid point (we aren't really at after yet)
This we we have a shortned spring break and so I am hoping to make some additional progress!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I read through your whole blog the other day, so just wanted to say hi! I see you're not updating any longer, but I hope that your decluttering and organising efforts are still going well. It's so cheering to read this post and hear how you have more time to read etc (and Owen Meany is one of my fav books - must dig it out and re-read it, always has me in fits of laughter and floods of tears). I'm fairly near the start of my decluttering journey and it gets quite demoralising that I've done what feels like so much, but there is still so so much to do. Anyway thanks for sharing your progress and have a big cheer for doing so well.