Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it really Labor Day already?

I know.  I fell out of the blogoverse.  It happens.  For those of you not in my Facebook world, we got a puppy (and they are a time sucker by default)  and 3 weeks later, about the we settled into a functional puppy schedule) the our darling Slinky dog fractured her right ulna in three places.  It took 4 vets, 2 trips to UT Knoxville Teaching Vet Hospital, and major orthopedic surgery requiring 4 pins, and a recovery including a crate and e-ring/Elizabeth collar, and the price is a secret I will take to the grave.
It also sucked up every minute of my time and energy
The good news is that Slinky is finally on the mend.  She has a hitch in her gait, but we'll take it.  And now it back to the house.
It has not fallen back to quite the disarray of those first horrible pics (except maybe WALTs room, even he has declared it a "pigsty") but it is not the functional, if lived in, home that Tammy found on her mid summer visit.  (which we hope becomes semi-annual at the least)

So here is the new plan.  Is this the fourth or the fifth?  I have lost track.  It is obvious that I am unable to declutter my house in 1 week.  However I do think that I can unclutter and clean my house in 7 weeks.  I am going to spend the next 7 weekends doing the projects of each day of the week.  This I should be able to handle, barring some new medical emergency, human or canine.

I have started this weekend, and will post pics in a day or so.  ( I still need to take the after photos)
So I am off to have a rare and treasured moment of a quiet house. 

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